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Sorry I never called

It’s funny

Well not funny, but I swear that it wasn’t my fault

Can’t you see we’re both the victim here?

Make me the villain if you need to and I’ll make you mine

But we’re both victims of circumstance

I swear to god I wouldn’t lie

Not I, not to you

This is true, it was just timing



Lately I’ve thought of you

But I’m so busy

Just so busy that there wasn’t a thing I could do

And I guess you’ve probably texted me

I wouldn’t know since my contacts are on my old phone

So maybe we blame technology

And technology alone

Not I, see it’s true

It wasn’t you, it was just timing


And now we can’t go back to what it was

No we can’t go back as much as I’d like to because

I’m not the person now you thought you knew

Time passed and I grew

And you grew

And we grew

Ain’t it funny what time can do


Tell me

Tell me how have you been?

It’s funny

How timing has brought us together again

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