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About the Writers

Anna DeNoia

Music and Lyrics

Anna DeNoia is a New York based theatre creator as well as a passionate performer, songwriter, and prankster. Anna is a 2021 graduate of James Madison Univeristy, where she double-majored in Theatre as well as Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. She grew up in the Chicago suburbs, where she worked in the offices of many of the city's top theater companies, including Lookingglass and Steppenwolf. Her songwriting training includes the 2022 Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriter's Project at Northwestern University, as well as the BMI Musical Theatre Writing Workshop in NYC. Other musical theatre works include Grace and the Ghost, a collaboration with Joshua Villa and Gwyneth Strope.

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Joshua Villa

Arrangements and Orchestrations

Joshua Villa is a Virginia native composer, arranger, orchestrator, music director, musician, and educator. Joshua recently completed his BM in Music Composition from James Madison University where he has shown to be an outstanding writer and musician in many different styles: from classical contemporary to big band jazz, and musical theatre. Other songwriting training includes the 2022 Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriter’s Project at Northwestern University. Joshua has been on the writing team for two original musicals: Open, Stay and Grace & the Ghost in collaboration with Anna DeNoia. Joshua currently resides in Northern Virginia and teaches Music at the Lowell School in Washington DC.

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