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I Thought I Heard a Voice

I thought I heard a voice

Coming down the stairs

At the sound I turned around

There was nothing there

Still I swear

There was a voice

And if there were

I would swear the voice was hers


I thought I heard a voice

Somewhere down the hall

Went to see what it could be

There was nothing there at all

Still I recall

There was a voice

I’m almost sure

The voice was yours


I’m really doing better

All it took was time

Though I thank you for the flowers

And for keeping her in mind

But really I’m much better

Better than before

So I thank you but I’ll ask you

Not to ask me anymore


I thought I heard a voice

And though it can’t be true

Am I naive if I believe 

That somehow it was you?


Are you here?

Can you hear me?

Are you real?

Love you must be

Cuz if you’ve really disappeared

How can I still hear

Your voice

Your voice

Your voice

Your voice

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