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Production History


Wright State Univeristy

October, 2023

Directed by Eli Reese Peel and Sylvia Caridad Bordelois

June, 2023

Directed by Mindy Cooper Grenke

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James Madison High School

May, 2023

Directed by CC Stefanik, with an original libretto developed by the James Madison High School theatre students!

May, 2023

Directed by Alana Blangiardo and Julia Obyrtal as a part of the Reavis High School student-directed one-act festival.

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Univeristy of Central Missouri

March, 2023

Directed by Katie Marshall, this was the first production of Open, Stay to feature an all-female cast!

November, 2022

Independently produced and directed by Gabrielle Meacham, this was the first production of Open, Stay 

officially licensed through Uproar Theatrics!

Music Direction by David Fraley


Dylan Berkshire, Gabrielle Goodman, Erin Rosenfeld, Malynne Smith, Melissa Tormene, Hannah Verdi

openstay22 (1).png

New Musicals in Concert at 54 Below

July 22nd, 2022

After years of virtual and distanced development through the pandemic, Open, Stay was performed LIVE with the full cast and band all in the same room for the very first time at the iconic 54 Below in NYC. 


Steven Klenk, Joshua Villa, Grace Dangers, Gemma Dobbs, Nate Garner, Liberty Mack, Mackenzie Meadows, Anna DeNoia, Erin Rosenfeld, Diana Suk, Rachael Cell


Zane Bridwell, Jonah Barnett, Alex Haldane, Emma Kroll, Hannah Leckner, Isaiah Ortiz

June, 2022

Open, Stay now looks forward to an unprecedented future of live performance through the new digital licensing company, Uproar Theatrics. The show is now available for production in three distinct formats:

1.) as a song cycle with the music alone,

2.) with the addition of a 10-character story structure and supplemental scenes written by Anna DeNoia, or

3.) with a flexible structure designed for devised work. Within this final format, creative teams are encouraged to devise their own dialogue, change the order of the cycle, and create their own storylines and connections between these characters, with the goal of encouraging theatremakers— students especially— to practice creative collaboration, tell their own stories and create something new together. 

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JMU Workshop Production

February 12th, 2022

Two years after the first workshop process was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, Open, Stay was staged for the first time at James Madison University. Breaking from the cabaret format all previous iterations of the show had taken, this production devised connections between the separate stories, supported by some additional dialogue.

Watch the full workshop performance here.

Directed by Alison Spangenberg and Anna DeNoia

Music Direction by Joshua Villa


CAST: Sam Sinnott, Ben Mills, Hannah Nicholson, Anjali Sharma, Jack Darymple, Bailey Ryon, Shannon McCarthy, Lindsay Marcus, Misha Rodriguez, Oshie Mellon 

Studio Cast Recording

August 20th, 2021

December of 2020 Anna reached out to fellow JMU student Joshua Villa to fully arrange and orchestrate the music of Open, Stay. After receiving the JMU College of Visual and Performing Arts undergraduate research grant the following spring, the pair worked with Chris Doermann at Virginia Arts Recording Studio in Charlottesville, VA to create the complete 13 track studio cast recording.


Sam Sinnott, Joshua Villa, Corrine Krasner, Gemma Dobbs, Noah Hamadé, Lydia Fields, Olivia Palmer, Shannon McCarthy, Diana Suk, Anna DeNoia


Hannah Leckner, David Simons, Isaac Thomas, Kyle Mendez, Jonah Barnett, Cole Scheffer, Aaron Green, Thomas Hassett


The Masked Collective

August 15, 2020

In response to all the cancellations COVID brought, JMU alumni Nicole Redifer and Taylor Autumn founded The Masked Collective, committed to continuing to safely produce new work in new ways. After an online audition process that garnered over 300 submissions from Sweden to California, followed by a completely virtual rehearsal process led by director Hunter Carrico, Open, Stay was presented LIVE via YouTube.

CAST: Micheal Schimmele, Beck Hokanson, Madeline Olexy, Haley Ornstein, Mike Mags, Karlene Rivera, Katerina Hadjipalvis, Ally Dodds, Sabina Lueras, Rachael Cell

Hawthorne Woods, IL

July 18th, 2020

Gathering local performers from the Chicago suburbs, Open, Stay was presented for a small group of family and friends (as well as many more joining via livestream) as a fundraiser for the Anti-Racism Fund, as well as the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund


Watch the live stream of this performance here! 

CAST: Steven Klenk, Spencer Avery, Nate Garner, Helena Shaheen, Jack Miller, Maria Alexandra, Rhealee Fernandez, Paige Dirkes-Jacks, Olivia Lyman, Hannah Babyak

Special thanks to the Townander family for this beautiful venue and all their work to make this event possible!


Richmond Fringe Festival

April, 2020

In the spring of 2020, Open, Stay was invited to be a part of the 2020 Richmond Fringe Festival. This production, as well as another workshop production at James Madison University were unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19.

Millikin University

March 1st, 2020

Open, Stay was directed by Thomas Ferro as a student cabaret with additional music written after the initial JMU performance, including "I Thought I Heard a Voice", as well as the full cast finale.


Watch the full live stream of the Millikin cabaret here.

CAST: Piper Charlton, Colton Colbert, Adrianna Goss, Chloe Hayes, Steven Klenk, Will Koski, Emma Jean Lupp, Colin McGonagle, Jocelyn Scott, Ally Williams


James Madison University

November 17th, 2019

Open, Stay was first presented as an informal cabaret featuring a cast of Anna's fellow classmates at JMU. This cabaret was recorded live and is available for streaming. 

CAST: Indigo Mercado, Al Gravina, Peyton Gemmell, Gemma Dobbs, Colton Robert Davies, Lydia Feilds, Mackenzie Meadows, Kathleen Laura Halverson, Diana Suk

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