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The Arizona Song

"Paris, France is just another place

The Mona Lisa's just another face

The pyramids of Giza

are just rocks that do not mean

a single thing

without you"

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"I like your eyes

I like your dark complexion

Now in your eyes

I see your confused expression

Please forgive me

I have never done this thing before

I just couldn't keep it in


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Sorry I never called

It's funny,

Well not funny,

but I swear that it wasn't my fault

Can't you see we're both the victim here

Make me the villian if you need to

and I'll make you mine

But we're both victims of circumstance

I swear to god I wouldn't lie"

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The Devil I Don't

"I've given too many chances

I've let too many things go

These lies, these games, these dances

Aren't fun, but they're what I know

I know you don't treat me right

But at least you treat me"

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I Thought I Heard a Voice

"I thought I heard a voice

Coming down the stair

At the sound I turned around

There was nothing there

Still I swear

There was a voice

And if there were

I would swearthe voice was her"

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(Voicemail #3)

"Hi hon, I may

Have left you a couple messages

Thirteen texts and a couple messages

In a similar vein

But you can ignore

Those texts and a couple messages

Please just listen to this voicemail

And I'll try to explain"

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Who Do You Think You Are?

"I would have taken the fall for you

Doesn't matter how far

I would have fallen

I would have given it all for you

Are you telling me

that you have forgotten?" 

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Paranoid (Voicemail #1)

"Hi hon, I hope

You had a nice time at work today

Did you have a nice time at work today?

It's important to me.

Next thing, I wondered

if whatever went on at work today

Or whoever was there at work was

more important than me?"

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"We were out at a party

I was the only one you knew

You thought it'd be funny

If somehow we got onto the roof

I should have stopped you but

I followed behind

I said okay

And up we climbed

And there were stars

There were stars in the sky"

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Paranoid Reprise
(Voicemail #2)

"Hi hon, it's me

Rememeber your wife of seven years?

Yes it's true, I'm your wife of seven years

That's a statement of fact"

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How You Thought It Would Be

"Rain is falling, it's a crowded sky

Rain is falling,

and I am walking next to you

Walking next to you

Rain is falling, so we go inside

Rain is falling, and in my mind

It's just like in the movies

How you thought it would be"

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Open, Stay

"We're not the first,

We're not the first lovers

We're not the first to promise each other Forever, forever, it's just words

And you're not my first,

you're not my first lover

You're not the first one to discover

Forever, I never use that word"

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