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Paranoid/Anyway (Voicemail #3)

Hi hon, I may

Have left you a couple messages

Thirteen texts and a couple messages

In a similar vein

But you can ignore

Those texts and a couple messages

Please just listen to this voicemail and I’ll try to explain


So I went into your office since you wouldn’t pick up

And then sitting there was Tori and then all the sudden


She looked into my eyes

Something there I recognized

A certain way to feel alone

I thought that no one else could know



I would like to spend a day with you


And we sat and talked for hours


I would like to spend more than one day with you


Got in her Prius and just drove

PARANOID:                                                  TORI:

         I would like to spend                              I would like to spend

All of my days in her company               All of my days with you


Hon, she wanted me


Meet me in Arizona



We’re headed west this Saturday


I need someone, you need someone too


My bags are packed, this is goodbye

And though you hurt me and ignored me

Still I know how it can feel 

To find you’re suddenly alone

I’ll have my phone

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